sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2011

About Ebooks I

As times goes by , I see more and more "experts" in ebook market announcing the good news of this market and forecasting a bright future ahead. Reading Shatzkin blog article : "Four years into the ebook revolution: things we know and things we don’t know"  I can see that there is mix of pseudo knowledge in publishing market with IT.  The forecasts just count the publishing market indeed and takes in consideration that IT is just an insignificant part of the thing. Well let me tell you that things are just the opposite. When you enter in the tech world, IT passes to be everything.  And talking about IT, I'm King. Regarding all this ebook euphoria , let me remember one thing to you. IT is the most non-perennial thing in the world. What's is newness tomorrow , today is surpassed. As soon as people start to discover that they will start to loose their ebooks for the same reason that they lost their computer files , the so exciting news will become non-grata news in a flash. If we talk about kids , things get worst. If parents start to give ebooks for their child what these kids will have for their future ? Outdated formats that doesn't work as file standards version get bigger ? Could you imagine a 7 yrs old child keeping his/her ebooks collection for a future son or daughter ? Oh pardon me , I forget that technology has this intrinsic characteristic of "lost", just to remember well let's refresh : 8mm,VHS,Tape-deck,Long-play (33 and 48 RPM),diskettes, just to name a number of formats that I remember and the huge amount of content not ported to the new formats.  Do this people have any idea of the amount of knowledge lost with this ?  Thousands of good work lost forever , I trying to save a small part of what I can so my son can have the privilege of listen, see and think what I saw and get enchanted with, so he can be changed by all this. And about this kids with their ebooks and mp3 files , what they will have for their children ? Culture is in serious danger , we are erasing a great part of our past in change for nothing. Money , All I see is a hunger for money and the 1% wanting to keep their place. As Humberto ecos says , there are some invents that are perfect. The wheel is one thing, the book is another. But we still have people trying to re-invent the wheel, as we still have people trying to re-invent the book. Life is an analogic thing and it always will be, thanks God for that ! because these ridiculous binary world is so limited that we have to compress our real world so it can "fit" in the digital life, so limited....

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