quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011

Fahrenheit 451' finally out as an e-book but by forceps !

Our forecasts continue to happen and if things continue like that something terrible bad is really going to happen.  Fahrenheit 451 , a classic of Sci-fy that is more than ever up to date, it forecasted the end of reading and books (w/more burning madness as usual ) due to the advent of "alternative medias" ; But, detail:  it was written in 1953 ! The author , Mr. Ray Bradbury, was highly against e-books,what is pretty obvious if you read F-451. But, due to what I considered a total lack of character of the publishing industry, he was simply forced to decline in order to survive. Yes man , sell yourself or die !  I don't condemn Mr.bradbury , his is 91. 91 and still having to deal with crapulas and menaces : "Or you accept our proposal ,and it means F-451 e-version too or noting else , even the regular edition. and don't even think to say that you will go somewhere else because we'll guarantee that somebody else will think twice before accept you in their portofolio. Afterall , the market is not so big like everybody thinks and you know, there are some gentlemen agreements between the five of us !, so if you dare, you're out !" That's simply unbelievable . The man is an old man now. Even if he has money, he isn't any forbes millionare and obvious , probably has a lot of expanses due to his age or wants to let something to his descendants, Anything like that. So I know he tried , but probably couldn't hold much longer. Now the game is becoming more clear to everyone. If you're an author don't even think in say no. If you are a reader , well even saying no they will push down your throat , or worst you son's. Mr.bradbury  you did well. We can just thanks for the advise. Don't regret yourself , you work is done, you showed how the future could be and we know that it ain't a happy end. I still have my (printed) copy of F-451, and I will continue to have it , as all my books. You made it worth !

Where in the hell that something cool or good have to be imposed this way. There is something missing here , something is not smelling good and the 1% for sure has something to do with it. Knowledge is power and power is revolution ! Pretty dangerous.....

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